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LeTV To Broadcast ICC China In 360-Degree Footage

(ACN Newswire) - Digital Domain Holdings Limited (DDHL) (stock code: 547) has teamed with China's leading digital sports broadcaster, Letv Sports, to broadcast the 2015 International Champions Cup (ICC) China in a record-breaking 360-degree virtual reality livestream As China's first major sporting event to be aired live via immersive video, the event will feature groundbreaking technology provided by IM360, a subsidiary of DDHL.

Utilizing their patented 360-degree camera technology, DDHL provides a cutting-edge entertainment experience that simulates the excitement and action of actually being in the stadium. The technology enables fans that cannot attend the matches in person to experience the event like a VIP with the best seats in the stadium. At the forefront of immersive video and virtual reality, this technology was previously used to capture Asia's first virtual concert of Taiwanese pop diva Miss Teresa Teng held in Taipei on 9th May 2015, an enthralling performance commemorating the 20th anniversary of her passing. Similar technology has also been used in producing music videos like the "Blank Space" 360-degree experience by superstar Taylor Swift.

The ICC finals are being played in China for the first time in history. DDHL and Letv Sports have chosen this renowned football tournament to introduce the 360-degree visual experience to the millions of fans across Mainland China that are expected to watch the ICC live on Letv Sport's streaming network. The event features premier European clubs including AC Milan, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, who'll go head to head in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai on July 25th, 27th, and 30th. As China's leading digital sports broadcaster, Letv is the ideal partner for DDHL to highlight the extraordinary viewing experience of IM360.

The ICC is the first of many popular events in Asia that DDHL plans to cover using IM360 immersive technology. "As a pioneer in this space, we're striving to change the landscape of visual content creation. By utilising live-streaming in a 360-degree atmosphere, we are planning to provide more exciting virtual reality experiences for a variety of sporting events, live performances, concerts and other popular entertainment activities in the future to bring this content to more regions in Asia," said Daniel Seah, Chairman and CEO, Digital Domain Holdings Limited. "Once viewers experience IM360's lifelike 360-degree experience, we anticipate they'll be demanding it for all their favourite events," he added.

Lei Zhenjian, CEO of Letv Sports, is excited about the 360-degree camera technology and hopes to have more collaboration with DDHL in the future. "Letv has always vowed to provide the best entertaining experience to our viewers. Teaming up with DDHL for ICC 2015 would be a stepping stone and I believe the 360-degree camera technology would provide a wonderful experience to our viewers as well as changing the sports live streaming industry" said Lei.

Source: LETV