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Da Vinci Learning Launches On SLT PEO TV

Da Vinci Learning, the fun educational TV channel for the whole family, today announced their partnership with the National ICT Solutions provider - Sri Lanka Telecom - one of Sri Lanka’s most valued blue chip companies. The partnership will enable SLT PEO TV viewers to access Da Vinci Learning's world class content. Da Vinci Learning will be offered on a la carte basis to the subscribers and will be available be from Jan 1, 2015.

Da Vinci Learning brings high quality knowledge programming that entertains and brings young minds of all ages together, celebrating the life long journey of learning. Targeted at 6 -12 year olds and their parents, the channel is known for turning television watching from passive observation into a meaningful and fun experience. This helps children develop various skills during the early years, encouraging older viewers to keep asking questions and inviting families to take their learning journeys together. With its “no violence” policy Da Vinci Learning creates a safe environment for younger viewers and aspires to be a useful educational tool.

Commenting on this partnership, Da Vinci Media’s Founder & CEO, Ferdinand Habsburg said: “This cooperation with Sri Lanka Telecom will enable us to bring high quality knowledge programming to Sri Lankan audience. We are proud to partner with SLT PEO TV and continue to fulfill our mission to serve families all over the world.”

Mr. Malraj Balapitiya CEO of SLT PEO TV, expressed his views, “PEO TV has managed to change the lifestyles of people in Sri Lanka by introducing interactive features such as Rewind & Play. Today we have tied up with Da Vinci Learning to deliver educational content to our younger audiences in order to enrich them with education and knowledge".