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Euronews Sets Up Asian Hub In Singapore

Euronews is setting up an Asian distribution and ad sales hub in Singapore, to be led by Eurosport alumnus Guillaume Canard-Duchêne.

The regional center is the news channel’s first sales office outside Europe.

Canard-Duchêne will also lead advertising in APAC, working with sales reps in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Korea and Thailand.

Maxime Vandenbroucque, former APAC marketing head for TV5Monde, is joining to oversee distribution for Euronews in the region. His remit includes local representatives in India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

Press release in full below:


Euronews: Creation Of The First Subsidiary In Asia

Euronews is setting up a subsidiary in Singapore and opening its first sales office outside of Europe.

Lyon, France – 27 October 2016 – The Asia-Pacific region has been a priority development area for four years. To reflect the channel's increased distribution to more than 23 million homes across the region and to drive further growth in Asia-Pacific, Euronews has taken a strategic decision to open a subsidiary in Singapore, its first sales office outside of Europe. 

Euronews Sales Singapore Pte. Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the integrated advertising network Euronews Sales SARL, based in Paris. 

The mission of the Singapore office will be to develop advertising and increase the distribution of Euronews. 

To meet this goal, Guillaume Canard-Duchêne has been appointed Asia-Pacific Sales Director and Maxime Vandenbroucque has been appointed Asia-Pacific Distribution Manager. 

Olivier de Montchenu, Chief Commercial Officer, Managing Director of Euronews Sales SARL

“In a few years, Euronews has established itself in the Asia-Pacific region. The main aim is to increase our visibility with advertisers and ad agencies interested in communicating via Euronews media. 

Our distribution is now mature enough to reach out to future clients seeking a high-quality media outlet providing global coverage, which Euronews can offer thanks to its distribution in nearly 200 countries. Other clients want to promote their business to Europeans and, there too, Euronews is a relevant choice, because for years we have been the top international news channel in Europe. 

We are very pleased to welcome Guillaume Canard-Duchêne and Maxime Vandenbroucque to our team. They will be opening our office in Singapore, our first sales subsidiary outside of Europe. 

Their expertise on Asian markets, in addition to their knowledge of the international media market, will support the development of a commercial strategy in this region, and help us get as close as possible to our clients and partners, to drive the growth of our business.” 

Guillaume Canard-Duchêne 

Guillaume Canard-Duchêne will be managing the Asia-Pacific Sales Department and heading up the subsidiary. 

He is responsible for creating and consolidating the sales strategy, with the aim of permanently establishing Euronews on the advertising market in the region, and increasing revenue. The priority targets are China and Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, the Southeast Asian countries and Australia. 

He is also in charge of leading and managing a network of seven sales representatives based in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea and Thailand. 

Guillaume Canard-Duchêne, 45, is joining the team of Olivier de Montchenu, Managing Director of Euronews Sales and Chief Commercial Officer of Euronews. 

Previously at Eurosport Group, Guillaume, then based in Paris, headed up operations in Asia between 1996 and 2000, and from 2006 when he opened the Hong Kong office, and then the Tokyo office, which he managed until late 2010. 

Between 2011 and 2014, Guillaume was based in London, where he was Sales Director for the UK. Until he joined Euronews, he was in charge of Eurosport's sales teams for western and southern Europe. 

A graduate of the University of Middlesex in the United Kingdom, Guillaume spent a few years in Africa before beginning his career in the media. 

Guillaume Canard-Duchêne, Asia-Pacific Commercial Director and Director of the subsidiary

"We believe that proximity to our representatives and clients in Asia Pacific results in more efficiency. By getting closer we are able to provide strategic input and better understand our clients' needs. We are building partnerships delivering multilingual content and helping them reach their communication objectives in the European markets and beyond." 

Maxime Vandenbroucque 

Maxime Vandenbroucque is joining Euronews to take charge of developing linear and nonlinear distribution with cable operators, IPTV, satellite TV providers and terrestrial broadcasters across the Asia-Pacific region. 

He will also lead a network of five local representatives based India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. 

Maxime Vandenbroucque, Asia-Pacific Distribution Manager

“Asia-Pacific is the market with the strongest growth. The strategic position of Singapore provides the best conditions to develop the distribution of Euronews in the region. Thanks to this new location, we are now as close as possible to our clients in this highly competitive market.”

Maxime Vandenbroucque, 27 years old, worked at TV5MONDE between 2014 and 2016 as Marketing Manager for the Asia-Pacific region. He also participated in regional development with cable operators and digital distribution businesses.

Maxime did his principal studies in France, followed by specialisations in Mexico and Denmark. 

He is a graduate of the Kedge Business School in Bordeaux, with a Master's degree in Management.

Source: Euronews