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Channel V Returns To Music Positioning In India

Star India is rebooting Channel V as a music-oriented offering, citing the lack of dynamism and differentiation in Indian music channels as a reason for the change.

The channel had been run as a youth-oriented entertainment offering in recent years, as Star India focused its efforts on two mass genres: general entertainment and sports.

Programming will now focus on music videos, with minimal on-screen graphics.

Press release in full below:


Music For Your Eyes
Channel V transitions into a definitive 24 hours music channel for the youth

Mumbai: Star India’s Channel V has made the much-awaited transition into a 24 hours music channel this August, continuing with its legacy. With this, Channel V promises to introduce the Indian youth to the future of music entertainment in India where content will be curated for visual delight. The programming will focus on music videos that not only sound good but look good as well, presenting them in the most clutter free environment offering its viewers a great viewing experience.

According to our research, music channels rarely look different from one another. Not only do they lack a unique voice, but they also feature a cluttered environment where the visual experience is compromised. With an idea of actively involving audiences, rather than just passively consuming music, the new look of Channel V is refreshing. Uncluttered look, great music videos, minimal graphics on screen will ensure a high-quality experience to the viewer, promising an unparalleled visual experience.

The global Indian youth today enjoys latest Indian hits as well as popular international music. Staying true to its image, V will be the only channel to deliver a complete package at the consumers doorstep.

With the foray back into the music television industry, Hemal Jhaveri, General Manager and Executive Vice President – Channel V, Star Gold, Movies OK & Utsav movies said, “Channel V has been a strong brand synonymous with music in India. We at V are keen on changing the music videos viewing experience. Last few years the TV music category has been dormant. With the revamp of Channel V, we aim to redefine the music video experience by delivering an uncluttered high-quality experience, with curated content for a visual delight."

The new logo and channel packaging have been created by the in-house design team. In a beautiful mix of the real world meets contemporary digital design. The origami-inspired logo manages to create a distinct, youthful and approachable form that connects perfectly with today’s youth. The packaging is bold, vibrant, yet simple while building upon the ‘V’ form.

Along with a new look and programming, Channel V will also launch a high decibel 360 marketing campaign across key metros. With prime focus on the digital medium, the campaign will also have a presence on TV, radio and outdoor sites. Other than this the channel will also participate in some exciting on ground activities to tap into young audiences at major youth hangouts across key metros.

Source: Star India