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APAC To Top Internet Traffic By 2020

SINGAPORE — Internet traffic is set to soar to three times its current volume by 2020, according to the latest Cisco Visual Networking Index™ (VNI). The Cisco flagship report on future Internet traffic trends and data attributed this meteoric rise to more users, more devices, more connections, more video and faster speeds. The report noted that over half of the world’s population (52%) will be online by the end of the decade, marking yet another landmark in the digital era.

The 2016 Cisco VNI also noted that Asia Pacific, home to the largest population of internet users, is set to continue leading the mass adoption of connected devices and online behavior. The report outlines a number of key forecasts for the region in 2020:

  1. Asia Pacific will account for over 53% (2.2 billion) of the global Internet population.
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) will take a giant leap forward as Machine to Machines, M2M, will make up 45% of the total number of devices and connections – with Connected Home and Connected Work leading the way.
  3. The Decline of the Desktop. Smartphones are set to eliminate the PC’s dominance. Smartphones will constitute 44% of all Internet traffic while PCs traffic will continue to fall to 31%.
  4. Video will account for 81% of all Internet traffic with faster speeds ushering in an era of the 2 minute, HD Movie download.

The 2016 VNI report highlights a continued trend towards much faster speeds as well as the rapid migration towards mobile and smart devices. All elements from the report point towards a future that is increasingly connected and complex for businesses and consumers.

“The explosion of more users, more devices, and more connections means an exciting era for citizens and businesses as Asia Pacific drives the world’s digital future,” said Chris Heckscher, Cisco’s Vice President, Service Provider Sales for Asia Pacific and Japan. “The digital revolution is well and truly here, and the citizens and companies of Asia are set to reap the benefits.”

Source: Cisco