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Love Nature Launches 4K Channel On AsiaSat

Hong Kong – AsiaSat announced today that, through a partnership facilitated by Multi Channels Asia, Love Nature’s exclusive 4K original content will launch on “4K-SAT”, its new UltraHD (UHD) channel, on AsiaSat 4. Through this free-to-air UHD channel, audiences in Asia will have access to Love Nature’s stunning 4K wildlife and nature footage from its robust library of nature documentaries, series, featured themes and exclusive natural history.

“Asia is leading the worldwide trend toward 4K content, AsiaSat and its content partners are championing this new technology with the launch of 4K-SAT,” said Jo Parkinson, Managing Director, Love Nature (International). “Our spectacular wildlife and nature content will provide 4K-SAT’s audiences a front row seat to the wonders and perils of our natural world.”

“We are very excited to bring Love Nature’s exclusive and compelling 4K content to our audiences and proud to pioneer the introduction of true UHD content to Asia via a permanent channel on AsiaSat 4. We look forward to working with Love Nature to bring more unique, natural history UHD content to our region,” said Sabrina Cubbon, Vice President, Marketing and Global Accounts of AsiaSat.

Love Nature’s 4K content is distributed on “4K-SAT”, a free-to-air channel on the AsiaSat 4 UHD broadcast platform. Operated at 122°E, the platform reaches more than 50 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. “4K-SAT” is currently broadcasting full UHD-produced videos featuring fashion, lifestyle and documentaries.

Source: Love Nature