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Euronews Claims 23.5 Mil. APAC Subs

Lyon, France - Since 2012, expanding distribution in Asia and Pacific has been a priority for Euronews, which now reaches 23.5 million subscribers in 15 countries* of the region, marking an all-time high.

Within the region South Korea is now the country with the greatest distribution of international news media, with over 6.5 million subscribers.

Euronews and Hyundai HCN have announced that, since January, the Euronews English service has been available 24/7 via the mobile application Everyon TV.

Designed for all equipment and every brand of smartphone, tablet and computer, the free application has already been downloaded by 6.5 million users. This distribution via an OTT platform is a first for Euronews in this country, where it is already broadcast via the cable operator Tbroad and by IPTV through Korea Telecom.

Everyon TV is a N-screen service which provides 250 live channels via PC, smart phone, smart TV and OTT for free in everywhere.

In Mongolia, Euronews confirms its presence with two new agreements for the 24/7 English service.

Euronews is now available in the basic offer of the country's digital terrestrial television network operated by Mongolia Digital Broadcasting (MNBC) and has also become a part of the leading satellite platform DDish.

Arnaud Verlhac, Worldwide Distribution Director of Euronews said: "Asia/Pacific is an extremely competitive market where there are real opportunities for international media. Our strategy of proximity, reflected by the assignment of a member of our distribution team to Singapore in September 2015, enables us to be more reactive and closer than ever to our clients."

Sabrina Mimouni, Euronews Asia-Pacific Distribution Manager, added: "These latest agreements are representative of the multiple distribution tools available to media. Euronews' adaptability is a key element in this region, which is highly sought-after by the international media and where national competition is strong."

Source: Euronews