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LeTV Introduces Sub-HK$200 Subscription For Premier League

(Hong Kong) Today Letv reveals a series of flagship products and initiatives, including the launch of Le Superphone Le Max and Le 1s Series, the unique eui (ecosystem user interface), the 3D Helmet, portable charging accessories, the latest Premier League Package, and new Disney programming (see separate press release).

These announcements are developed based on “Letv Ecosystem”, a next-generation Internet engine that is vertically-integrated to offer an online platform complete with content, terminals and applications. The Ecosystem aims to offer personalized, seamless experience across products and services for users, by uncovering and delivering the core user values and breaking boundaries between industry innovations.

Eco-TV revolutionizes the TV industry
Since hitting the Hong Kong market last year, Letv has revolutionized the local TV industry with its era-defining Ecosystem-TV (Eco-TV). Letv built 650 nodes of cloud platform across the globe, created its own TV user interface and acquired massive selection of copyright movies and TV series, all aiming to the best possible viewing experience for local users via its hardware and accessories.

Eco-TV has made great stride in Hong Kong market, where X50 Air model achieved the Best Online Sales Performance of 4K Smart TV and the Best Sales Performance of Single Series of 4K Smart TV in One Day. For the Le TV Box 4K Package which include 12 months’ content membership, the unit sales had reached 140,000 in the first two months after release, reshaping a new landscape for traditional TV industry.

Letv Ecosystem is gaining wide acceptance among Hong Kong locals. This is demonstrated in Letv’s big data and sales performance: 92% of customers who bought the Super TV had also purchased 12 to 24 months of Letv membership; The proportion of paid membership reached 94% (the rest bought only the products); and the average activation rate of Letv’s paid content is about 97%. As the television industry is approaching the Internet age, it is believed that ultra-high-definition content and video-on-demand services will be trending in Hong Kong.

“Letv has achieved great success in the Hong Kong market because of our superior and innovative technologies based out of Letv Ecosystem. Letv now plans to expand to India and the United State, bringing the same remarkable experience for users across the globe,” said Tin Mok, Vice President of Le Holdings (Beijing) Co. Ltd and CEO, APAC.

Flagship Ecosystem Phone Le1s and Le Max Selling at Lower-than-Cost Price
In order to allow users to enjoy Letv content anywhere, anytime, Letv is introducing its flagship ecosystem phone (eco-phone) Le 1s and Le Max. This means that Letv marks the first brand in Hong Kong to provide rich video content and mobile phone products. Letv has developed eui system for its smart phones - a system that can display multi-desktop content. Among these are Letv’s exclusive technology “LIVE” and “LeView” desktops that deliver Letv’s rich content.

Le Max and Le 1s support USB Type C port and have a full-suspension glass-frame design. The phones are made with exquisite craftsmanship and simple, fashionable design. The two eco-phones feature fingerprint recognition and fingerprint camera shooting function, which sets Le Max and Le 1s apart from other mobile phones.

The eco-phones adopted a quick re-charge technology that allows 3.5 hours of voice communication in only five minutes of recharge, ideal for the road warriors and mobile junkies. These are just a few of great features that place Letv phones at the pinnacle of the mobile industry.

Le Max is specifically designed for users who desire the ultimate mobile experience. It features a 6.33-inch, high-resolution screen and a Qualcomm SnapdragonTM 810 octa-core processor and a 4GB RAM. Combined with the exclusive “LIVE” and “LeView” design, Le Max will easily satisfy the discerning user’s daily requirements, including video viewing, game playing, social networking, selfie-taking, video-making, listening to music and online shopping.

Le 1s is equipped with high-standard specifications at a reasonable price. It features a 5.5-inch screen, with a slim profile and matte surface. Le 1s has a 13-megapixel camera with a 6-times digital zoom. Its front camera is 5 megapixels, with an 85-degree wide angle. This allows users to easily capture high-quality videos and photos.

A wide range of mobile entertainment content redefines mobile phone usage
Letv’s unique eui provides a breakthrough in the way entertainment is viewed and redefines the way the Internet is accessed. It allows you to personalize your mobile phone to suit your exclusive needs. Users are able to access Letv content across Letv devices with one single account, enabling the most personalized content to follow their users.

For LIVE desktop, 3 live screens broadcasting different content can be played simultaneously on the screens on the phone. That means in future, Letv users will be able to enjoy live soccer match, concerts and other events or their favorite channels at the same time on one screen.

This is all thanks to Le Cloud, Letv cloud platform which has more than 650 CDN (Content Delivery Network) nodes in the world, along with 10 Tbps bandwidth to ensure all videos are streamed smoothly.

LeView desktop are equipped with intelligent features that will recommend content based on users’ previous viewing preferences and search history. LeView offers a selection of movies, TV and variety shows, music, and so on.

Letv also launched a new 3D Helmet and Leme Bluetooth Earphone to enhance the entertainment experience. The 3D Helmet can be used with the Le Superphone, allowing you to experience 3D cinema anywhere, anytime. Leme Bluetooth Earphone is a fashionable choice and when it is fully charged, it can be used for 12 hours, with up to 26 days standby time. The headphones have a wireless range of up to 10 metres, a great acoustics to the listener.

“Letv is the first brand in Hong Kong to provide such a wide range of abundant content and hardware. We are convinced that the unique Letv Ecosystem and user experience will change the way mobile phones are used, taking the industry to the next level,” said Mr. Mok.

Disney Movies-on-Demand Launch on Letv Platform
As the only entertainment platform with over 1,500 hours of 4K programmes in Hong Kong, Letv’s content platform have been ever-growing with top-quality entertainment to meet the needs of our fans. Users can now access our 20,000 hours of on-demand video content via Le Superphone as well.

It is worth mentioning that Letv adds Disney’s hottest movies and TV shows to Hong Kong content line-up. The broad slate of content from Disney, Pixar and Marvel will enrich our platforms with diverse programmes, including movies, dramas, animations, documentaries, kids programmes and more. Hong Kong viewers should be very excited about this new programming bonanza. (Please refer to a separate press release for details)

Letv’s recommended programs for December include the Emmy-nominated US drama series "House of Cards”; the Korean action drama "LAST" (exclusive premiere); Kyoko Fukada starring in "Unknown Poison"; Japanese Crime TV-Series “Kakusho”; and the mainland Chinese drama “Incisive Great Teacher", among many others.

Earlier this month also marks the addition of HITS (Letv Channel 21) to Letv’s channel line-up. The portfolio of HITS’ shows launched the careers of A-list stars including Robin Williams in Mork & Mindy and Jerry Seinfeld from Seinfeld. Other shows such as MacGyver, M*A*S*H and The X-Files reinvented their genres.

For the Christmas holidays, viewers can enjoy Hong Kong’s very own “McDull” movie series, the inspirational movie "Magic Shoes", the German comedy "Why I Kidnapped My Boss", among many others.

Unrivalled Premier League Package with Super Phone
Letv is glad to announce its unrivalled Premier League Package – an average price of only $169/month that allows viewers to enjoy the exciting matches. Letv users can use our ecosystem products, including TVs, TV boxes, Le Superphones, and even apps in future, to view any matches.

Source: LeTV