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MCC & CBN Announce Partnership

(Singapore) – Singapore-owned MyChinaChannel (MCC) and China Business Network (CBN) announced that they will be co-developing two brand new infotainment/documentary series as well as 100 hours of financial business content in English.

In line with China’s “Culture Going Global” and “One Belt One Road” initiative, the collaboration aims to repackage and rebrand quality Chinese content for both China and the global TV audiences. This year marks the 25th anniversary of bilateral relations between Singapore and China and this continued partnership between MCC and CBN is a strong indication of the commitment of both parties to work together to bring the best of China content to the world.

CBN is China’s pioneer and main TV channel on professional financial and business information, offering up-to-date and accurate news updates in Mandarin. As a long-term overseas partner of SMG, MCC will work closely with CBN to develop the programme concept and content presentation.

“It is our vision to work with Chinese media companies to bring quality content outside China and we are excited to bring our working relationship with CBN to the next level. Chinese entertainment content is gaining popularity around the world and we see great potential for Chinese infotainment/documentary content to also ride on the China waves. We believe with the expertise and resources of CBN, we will be able to bring Chinese business information and content to the world,” said Mr. Patrick Yong, CEO, MCC.

“CBN has become the biggest business media conglomerate in China. Under CBN big umbrella, our newspaper, TV and magazine is one of the very best in its area respectively. We believe that along with China becoming the biggest economic entity in the world, we would definitely witness the growth of a China originated business media, gaining power and influence globally. By working with MCC, CBN would like to produce more high quality content catering for global subscribers and viewers.” said Mr. Zhou Jiangong, CEO of CBN.

Besides China and Hong Kong, audience in Singapore can also view CBN through StarHub Cable(Channel 809). The channel was brought in by MCC in 2012.

Source: MyChinaChannel