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Hikari TV Introduces Euronews In Japan

Tokyo, Japan - Euronews and Hikari TV announced today that, starting this month, Euronews internationally acclaimed programmes will be available for the first time in Japan. Euronews will be part of Hikari TVs basic service with its English and French language services. Not only the channel premieres in Japan, Euronews is also broadcast for the first time in HD. Several millions of subscribers to Hikari TV in Japan will be able to discover international news from a European perspective and follow Euronews lifestyle and business programmes, including regular reports about Japan.

Appreciative of the channels' values of diversity and independence, M. Koji Bando, President of Hikari TV, commented: "Our company offers seven international channels so that foreign residents and visitors to Japan may also enjoy watching Hikari TV. We are pleased to add Euronews to our line-up of broadcasting services, a media which has enormous popularity in Europe, and I am convinced that it will enhance the product competitiveness of our company. I also hope broadcasting Euronews will foster increased cooperation between the EU and Japan."

Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews, commented: "We are very honoured to work with a strong and innovative partner like Hikari TV in Japan. Through its powerful service, Hikari TV will give its millions of subscribers the opportunity to access our independent international information everywhere in Japan and premier our HD offer. This shall contribute to making Euronews in Japan a long lasting and sustainable project."

Source: Euronews