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B4U Movie Channel Launches On AsiaSat

Hong Kong – Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd. (AsiaSat), Asia’s leading satellite operator, announced today that B4U, a leading Bollywood film and television network, has launched its new “B4U Movies Asia Pacific” channel on AsiaSat 7 at 105.5ºE.

B4U currently broadcasts two Bollywood Indian entertainment channels, “B4U Movies” and “B4U Music”, in Hindi language via AsiaSat 7. AsiaSat 7 at the 105.5ºE orbital slot enables B4U to enjoy instantaneous access to all major multi-system operators (MSOs), cable operators, Pay TV platforms and hotel networks across the region. This new Hindi language movie channel will further expand the B4U offerings on this platform, giving Asian audiences more choice for quality Bollywood films and movies.

“B4U is committed to bringing top quality Bollywood entertainment programmes to audiences worldwide. AsiaSat is renowned for its excellent market access and comprehensive South Asian channel neighbourhood. Partnering with AsiaSat enables us to deliver the world’s best Bollywood entertainment to our target audience across the Asia-Pacific region. We look forward to expanding our services and growing our audience with AsiaSat,” said Ashok Shenoy, Head - International Business of B4U.

“We are delighted that B4U has once again chosen AsiaSat 7 to deliver their high quality movies to the region. This new B4U Movies channel customised for Asia-Pacific audiences has further enhanced AsiaSat 7’s premium Hindi movie neighbourhood. We thank B4U for their trust in AsiaSat and this opportunity. We look forward to expanding our partnership for many years to come,” said Philip Balaam, Vice President, Sales and Business Development of AsiaSat.

Source: AsiaSat