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Keshet & Huace Partner On US Productions

Keshet International (KI) and Huace Group/Croton Media, one of China’s largest production companies, are working in partnership on a two way deal which will see Huace Group/Croton Media developing local versions of KI’s award-winning scripted properties Traffic Light and Loaded for Chinese audiences and Keshet Studios optioning Huace Group/Croton Media’s Dating Hunter for the US market – the first ever Chinese format to be re-versioned for the US market.

The KI projects are in pre-production and broadcasters are yet to be attached, as is customary in the Chinese market. However it is estimated that the Chinese version of Traffic Light will be produced in 2016-2017 and broadcast in 2018. The KI titles will become two of a handful of scripted formats to be imported to China from outside of Asia and it will be the first time either format has been remade in Asia.

Dating Hunter tells the story of a sharp publicist, whose former advertising agency went bankrupt, hires a group of “emotional planners “ and opens a successful dating agency. Dating Hunter was broadcast simultaneously on four satellite TV channels in China, increasing the average rating of each one by more than 30% compared to the slot average. It broke the rating record for the most watched “city themed” drama of 2014 on two of the four channels it appeared on. The program has also aired on five major Chinese video websites racking up more than 1 billion views. The show’s popularity is also evident on social media where its “classic” lines are frequently quoted by viewers.

Alon Shtruzman at Keshet International, said “I’m delighted to announce this reciprocal deal with Huace Group/Croton Media which demonstrates the versatility and global appeal of each company’s formats. It is also a firm step towards furthering our growth in the burgeoning Chinese market.”

Vice President Mr. Liu Zhi at Huace Group/Croton Media, said, “Huace Group/Croton Group is dedicated to creating and distributing scripted TV properties with global appeal. We are looking forward to an open collaboration with KI, from which we can broaden our business vision, enhance our strengths and complement each other towards achieving a “win-win” for all. We not only produce scripted shows that are loved by Chinese audiences, but via KI’s global distribution business we can share these Chinese stories with the world. This deal is not only a “win-win” for content, but also an innovative move in distributing Chinese TV drama to the international market.”

Traffic Light was recently voted Israel’s Most Loved Scripted Series of All Time – in a nationwide survey published by Yedioth Ahronoth. It is also winner of the 2010 International Emmy® Award for Best Comedy Series and the 2010 Israeli Academy Award for Best Comedy. It centres on three guys in their thirties, their enduring friendship and the very different cards that life deals them. Itzko manages his father’s magic store. He’s married to Lilach, an assertive, career-driven journalist, and is the father of seven-year-old Danielle. Amir, a director of union social events, is in a committed relationship with Tali…and her dog. Heffer, the perpetual bachelor, can’t manage to hold down a steady job, and is constantly getting into all kinds of messy situations with women. Like all good friends, Itzko, Amir and Heffer are only too happy to offer each other advice about their personal problems – whether emotional or practical. But as each friend’s perspective is based entirely on his own circumstances, suggestions inevitably range from the inappropriate to the downright ridiculous! Traffic Light is all about friends navigating life together, always with hilarious results. Four series of the show have aired in Israel and seasons three and four were the highest rated scripted series in Israel to date.

Loaded is the winner of four Israeli Academy Awards including Best Comedy, Best Director and Best Screenplay. When you’re 30 and worth $217 million, you know you’ve got it made. And for a moment, the four best friends and owners of the gaming company Gymalaya, think they have. They’re the hottest, coolest and most successful guys in town. But then a new kid arrives on the block. After years of intensive work, the guys realize their dreams when the ingenious video game they’ve developed sells millions of copies worldwide. The lives of the geeks who started out in their parents’ garages are changed forever. With their new-found wealth they begin living out their wildest fantasies…but the morning after their dream comes true marks the start of a no-less-difficult journey to maintain their sanity, and of course, their friendship. They immediately start working on their next project, a new game which will revolutionize the industry; only this time there’s a new player involved – Saar. He is younger, richer and out to steal their product, to develop it on his own. Now the race is on – who will be the first to launch? With so much at stake, the two companies do battle, not only for the big money, but for survival in an industry where the next whizz kid is always just around the corner.

Source: Keshet International