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Tencent, Celestial Pictures Partner On Film Remake

China and Hong Kong -- Celestial congratulates its partner, Tencent, for establishing Tencent Pictures and the successful manifestation of a transmedia entertainment content strategy to develop super intellectual property (IP).

As the owner of the Shaw Film Library, one of the world’s largest Chinese film libraries containing a treasure-trove of high-quality IP materials spanning a wealth of topics in numerous genres, we are delighted to partner with Asian web giant Tencent to kick off our mutual vision to tell the stories of our legendary films via transmedia, multiplatform means to bring such IP materials to life, such as our library’s superb 1976 martial arts film, THE MAGIC BLADE (also known as THE MOONLIGHT BLADE (天涯明月刀)).

To create a submersive and enthralling story ecosystem that is new, engaging and malleable, this super IP was adapted by Tencent into the successful online game, THE MAGIC BLADE, and we now shall partner in a magnificent motion picture incarnation of the classic film IP to build out the storyworld, inspiring young fans to continue enjoying and passing on the legend.

Kristen Tong, COO, said that “Celestial has been active in developing transmedia storyworlds built upon our library’s super IPs to bring extraordinary entertainment experiences to the global and Asian markets. It is very exciting for us to find a partner of like-minds to jointly enhance and develop the original film IP by extending into a larger picture and understanding of the screenplay and its characters. We are confident that with this joint force, THE MAGIC BLADE will open a new era of high quality, multi-platform and multi-end-user media ecosystems.”

Source: Celestial Pictures