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NGC & Hikari TV Collaborate On First 4K Documentary

The National Geographic Channel (NGC) in Japan announced that it has produced its first 4K documentary, ‘THE LIGHT: Illuminated by Shuji Nakamura’ in collaboration with NTT Plala Inc . and I-Cast, Inc. running service Hikari-TV. The 4K version of the documentary is exclusively available on Hikari-TV’s VOD service free-of-charge, since April 30th. The HD version of the programme will air on NGC in Japan on May 23rd, 2015 at 21:00. The special will also air on NGC across Asia and Europe later this year.

‘THE LIGHT: Illuminated by Shuji Nakamura’ follows 2014 Nobel Prize winner for physics, the elusive Professor Shuji Nakamura who is known to be quite private. This documentary offers rare access to the genius and captures unseen footage of his work and his life in America. The programme will tell the story of the significance of his invention which garnered him a Nobel Prize – the creation of the blue light-emitting diode, or otherwise known as blue LED. What was once considered by scientists as an impossible feat, the documentary will outline the significant impact the invention of blue LED has had on our world, including how it has led to the development of innovative energy-saving light sources.

The documentary also features two key people in Professor Nakamura’s life - his lawyer, Hidetoshi Masunaga, who helped the scientist navigate the well-publicized patent dispute that plagued his achievement and whom he now calls his comrade-in-arms; and another rarely filmed renowned physicist, Dr. Reona Esaki who also won a Nobel prize in 1973.

Source: Fox International Channels