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TVB To Offer Pay Channels Via OTT

In line with the conversion of TV programmes viewing media that audience prefers and the advancement of information technology, Television Broadcast Limited (TVB) grasps the opportunity in exploring the Over-the-top (OTT) broadcast business. In parallel with the collaboration with Hutchison Global Communications Limited (HGC) and 3 Hong Kong in sales and distribution, the OTT broadcast service platform is scheduled to be in service in early 2016. This marks a significant milestone in “New Television Experience”, not only to TVB itself, but also, to the audience of Hong Kong as a whole.

"At present, it is the best timing for us to strengthen our OTT broadcast service," said Mr. Cheong Shin Keong, Executive Director and General Manager of TVB. Mr. Cheong further responded that to ensure a provision of diverse, convenient and high quality personalized TV encounter, entertainment programmes worldwide will be incorporated into the OTT broadcast service platform. Value-added services, such as personal profile with viewing history, Video-on-demand and Catch up services, will also be included, contributing to a TV encounter without any time constraints.

In view of the cooperation with internet and telecommunications service providers, Mr. Cheong gladly announced TVB’s collaboration with HGC and 3 Hong Kong in the sales and distribution of its OTT service. He further expressed that TVB's exploration of collaboration with other internet and telecommunications service providers is on track simultaneously.

As a continuation of achievement of the myTV platform, the OTT broadcast business will further enrich both the genre and quantity of the present programme pool in folds. Apart from the existing channels in broadcast (including Jade, Pearl, J2, hdJ and iNEWS ), popular classic dramas and 13 TVB pay channels will also be included, namely, TVB Japanese Drama, TVB Korean Drama, TVB Chinese Drama, TVB Drama Select, TVB Classic, TVB Encore, TVB

Window, TVB Food, TVB Classic Movies ( will be launched on 4 April ), TVB Entertainment
News, TVB Sports, TVB News and TVB News 2. In this light, subscribers of the OTT broadcast service can enjoy more than 25,500 hours' programmes, comprising 17,700 hours of TVB programmes and 8,500 hours of acquired programmes. Among all, the drama channels will ensure a timely broadcast of more than 1,700 hours of newest drama of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the Mainland, which dubbing in Cantonese will apply to Japanese and Korean dramas. What's more, 1,700 episodes of traditional dramas of the TVB Classic Movies will be presented to audience again under the empowerment of the new OTT technology.

Tangible and fruitful programmes coupled with reliable network support and an extensive distribution network will enable an enjoyable TV viewing experience on various electronic and mobile devices.

Ms. Jennifer Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited, said: “Our integrated fixed-line, mobile and Wi-Fi networks, along with an advanced IPX platform, will tie in well with TVB’s local development of OTT broadcast service and delivery of content overseas. HGC's fibre-optic network covers more than 1.7 million home-passes, while our mobile business serves approximately 3.2 million customers in Hong Kong and Macau.

According to speed tests conducted by two local IT magazines, 3 Hong Kong’s 4G LTE network performance was superior to any other in many of Hong Kong’s densely populated areas. In addition, our ‘hgc on air’ outdoor Wi-Fi hotspots have exceeded 16,000. This makes HGC Hong Kong’s largest-scale Wi-Fi service provider and grants wider network coverage to customers wanting fast and stable wireless Internet service anytime anywhere.

We expect the collaboration to bring strong synergy and blend network transmission technology with rich contents to deliver the best OTT TV service for TV viewers.”

Source: Television Broadcasts Ltd