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BBC World News Launches On J:COM TV

The BBC today announced that its world-class 24 hour global news channel, BBC World News, will be available on J:COM TV from May 22, 2015. Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd., the largest CATV operator in Japan, which provides CATV services to 5.05 million households, will start distributing BBC World News as a part of its newly launched “J:COM TV Standard Plus” service. *1

BBC World News, the BBC's commercially funded international news channel is the leader in global breaking news and provides impartial and trusted news 24 hours a day. In addition, it also offers a raft of top quality current affairs documentaries and feature programmes covering the latest developments in business, technology, sport, travel and culture.

Every week, over 100 hours of the channel’s content – both live news and feature programming - is translated into Japanese, meaning that viewers have access to the BBC’s renowned global news service in their own language. The channel offers audiences the best quality viewing experience to match the world-class standards of the journalism.

Yuji Watanabe, Managing Director, BBC World Japan Ltd., said, “We’re very pleased at BBC World Japan Ltd.’s distribution deal with Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. It means we can now offer our globally acclaimed news broadcasting and programmes to the audience of J:COM TV. As Japanese people are increasingly concerned about international news today, we are excited that more people will have the opportunity to enjoy our channel’s coverage of everyday events around the globe and the latest from the various genres.”

Source: BBC Worldwide