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Astro Signs MOU To Distribute Japanese Content In Souteast Asia


In March 2014, Astro entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. Ltd. in Japan and Content Land Inc. of Hong Kong to license and distribute Japanese content of all genres to South East Asia. In Malaysia, Astro customers are now privileged to access an array of popular Japanese content including variety, travelogue, game show, and drama genres in high definition on Astro Quan Jia HD (Channel 308). The dedicated Japanese belt, ‘Tanoshii’ will be offered to all Astro customers with basic HD pack, in Japanese with Chinese subtitles for an hour every day at 9pm.
Choo Chi Han, Head of Chinese Customer Business, Astro said, “As a result of our partnership with Yoshimoto Kogyo and Content Land, we now have an impressive lineup of new, exciting, and quality Japanese content our platform, further reinforcing our leadership in Asian content. Though it has been a while since South Korean content has dominated the TV screens here, we hope that ‘Tanoshii’ will be the window to Japan’s rich culture, right in the comfort our customers’ own living room, thus renewing interest in Japanese entertainment and variety content. Over 1.9 million Astro customers on HD are now able to enjoy the ‘Tanoshii’ spirit, the Japanese way of expressing fun.
KO Ryutaro, Head of Asia and Overseas Business at Yoshimoto Creative Agency Co. Ltd said, “We are delighted that Japanese content is now making its debut on Astro. Congratulations on the milestone. We at Yoshimoto will put forth our best efforts to take the dedicated time belt to greater heights, bringing more of the high quality content and the ultimate Japanese experience to Malaysian viewers.”
At launch, the dedicated ‘Tanoshii’ hour features variety and travelogue programmes from Mondays to Thursdays, with debut titles, Samurai Boys Travelling, Travel Salad, Yatata Girls Travelling, and What's Hot in Japan – each hosted by famous comedians that will make viewers laugh out loud as they travel around Japan introducing different hotspots in their own funny way.
A short-film project Yoshimoto Director’s 100 will tickle the viewers’ funny bones on Fridays, when comedians themselves take on the role as directors, presenting works of ‘Laugh & Peace’ during the count-down event. Astro customers will be the first in the region to watch these mini movies after their debuts in Japan. Completing the week are comedy dramas Otasukeya-Jinpachi The Helping Hero and Divorce Chase, set to amuse the fans on the weekends with their compelling storylines and hilarious quips.
Source: Astro