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Euronews Expands Distribution Over Indian Cable And Mobile

Broadcast in luxury hotels* in India since 2013, Euronews has made significant advances in the country, through the signing of four distribution agreements with regional leading cable networks covering Delhi and the suburb of Noida.
The English service of Euronews is now part of the basic digital line-up of the cable operators Star Broad Band, Satellite Channels Pvt Ltd, Home Cable and Neo News Network, received in 1.1 million homes.
Over 10,500 rooms in some 50 hotels around the country receive Euronews.

Arnaud Verlhac, Worldwide Distribution Director of Euronews stated: "Asia and the Indian sub-continent are a key geographic area for Euronews' development. The obvious growth potential of India makes the country a strategic and necessary place to do business. These recent distribution agreements are the result of three years of work by the entire team and testify to the value of our objective editorial approach and the quality of our programmes and magazines."
Sabrina Mimouni, Regional Distribution Manager Asia-Pacific added: "Launching Euronews in the Delhi area is the first visible sign of Euronews' arrival on this market which is particularly difficult to penetrate. I am delighted by the confidence the four big cable operators have shown in us. In just a few weeks, they put Euronews in their basic line-up so that the largest number of subscribers would have access."

* Euronews began its distribution in India in 2013 through agreements with the most prestigious hotels, including international chains such as Radisson, Hyatt and Crown Plaza.

Source: Euronews